Cry Club, Slayyyter, Years & Years & This Week’s 11 Best New Bops

In a week that’s brought us Yungblud‘s biggest song to date, a follow-up to the breakthrough CXLOE single that we’ve spent nearly a year waiting for and a Valentines Day collab between MNEK & Years and Years, it’s a Wollongong duo that have shined through the most.

11. Priscilla – Feeling Higher

Sharp, fast-paced beats, dirty synths and clear vocal delivery make Perth duo Priscilla a very exciting act to watch.

10. Rex Orange County – New House

Even without a beat for nearly two minutes of this, Rex has smashed the melody on New House. Then that beat hits and you realise why, without even being released, this went off at Laneway recently.

9. ALMA – Summer

The last few ALMA songs have been a bit ‘how you going’ but this one is a pretty perfect one.

8. Horrorshow – Rescue

Every time Horrorshow begin a new era it’s always very exciting. Solo’s melodic as fuck on this and the hook is catchy as hell.

7. Felix Cartal & Lights – Love Me

The long and the short of it is Felix Cartal can be heavily relied on to deliver absolute dance bops, and Lights really keeps the energy up in the verses. This slaps.

6. Ninajirachi – Human

I think Nina’s found her life’s best collaborator in her childhood mate and breakthrough single star Freya Staer. This is an absolute highlight on an excellent debut EP she’s done called Lapland.

5. YUNGBLUD & Halsey ft. Travis Barker – 11 Minutes

A very ideal release week saw Halsey travel to Australia to play this at a sold out Sydney show for Yungblud. It’s not often anymore that rock music manages to maintain a strong enough pop sensibility to cross over to pop radio, but a number of near-instant additions mean this will easily be Yungblud’s biggest song to date, and possibly even an excellent followup to Without Me for Halsey.

4. Years & Years and MNEK – Valentino

The very ideal pairing of Olly Alexander & Uzo Emenike has resulted in this excellent collaboration that apparently three weeks ago they decided to pop out as a queer Valentines Day exes anthem. Honestly I just want to drink prosecco in a hotel with Olly & MNEK. Is this too much to ask?

3. CXLOE – I Can’t Have Nice Things

The long-awaited follow-up to Show You, the song that did pretty much everything a proper debut single should, pulls out some heavier drums and synths for something a bit sharper and more vocally vulnerable, a pretty ideal next step.

2. Slayyyter – Mine

Six months ago Slayyyter put her first song on the internet. It was called BFF, if that’s any indication of the Myspace-core high energy production she was going to be heading towards. In January she posted a very brief snippet of the hook of this Valentines Day release of hers, and the Twitter Gays immediately made it a meme, as only the Twitter Gays can. She wants to write music for Trisha Paytas. But for now, this half-house-half-Britney-level-pop belter she made with Robokid is going to keep her busy. Mine might be the first proper gay anthem of the year. (If you like the vibe of her, some excellent additional reading for you here.)

1. Cry Club – DFTM

In absolutely no uncertain terms, Cry Club utilises Heather Riley’s sharp, commanding delivery to reiterate how fucked touching people without their consent is. But it takes a certain level of talent – one that Heather & Jonathon very clearly possess – to be able to say that whilst simultaneously creating a searing, danceable pop smash that doesn’t at any point rely on metaphors or non-direct language to deliver the message. This is an early contender for the most brilliantly created pop song in Australia for 2019.

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