Cry Club’s ‘Obvious’ Is Another Power-Pop Hit From The Best Emerging Band In The Country

Forever consistent yet forever surprising, Cry Club have built themselves up as an absolute force of nature over the last twelve months and with today’s arrival of their new single Obvious, they’re only going to become more of a juggernaut.

Lead singer Heather Riley is a powerhouse. A theatrical, made-for-the-stage front-person with boundless energy and a TikTok-primed dance move for every word they sing, they’re the kind of singer that feels like some sort of custom-built charismatron designed for the fifteen second Instagram story bursts they’re often the star of via their live show, alongside adored guitarist and producer Jonathon Tooke.

In Obvious, they explore matter-of-factly the temptation to deal with shit by switching off, going out and dancing.

“Obviously there are better ways to deal with stuff, but this song definitely came from a place of living in the moment and recognising that most people have the same worries about the world that you do,” Heather reckons.

“So, just grit your teeth, down another glass of wine, and let go for 3 and a half minutes!”

And that, we shall.

Pic at the top: Giulia McGauran

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