Premiering: The Searing Performance Video For Cry Club’s ‘DFTM’

The razor sharp electro-rock sound of Cry Club‘s DFTM – which you find out by listening stands for Don’t Fucking Touch Me – has been a hard one to escape since it dropped a little while ago. It instantly made impact and it’s intention as a new-age party anthem could not be clearer.

Until now. The video’s here.

It’s extremely good. Heather is a star. They have choreographed a confident, passionate performance that amplifies the no-fucking-around message DFTM was created to get across.

“The worst bit about confrontation isn’t the moment itself – it’s the circus of people who want to comment and be involved. Everyone is watching you, everyone has something to say, you’re reduced to just entertaining people’s curiosity. We wanted to take the message of DFTM even further with the video, break out from not just the person you’re confronting, but everyone else bringing you down.” – Heather Riley.

As we said when it dropped, it takes a certain level of talent – one that Heather (& Jonathon) very clearly possess – to be able to talk about consent whilst simultaneously creating a searing, danceable pop smash that doesn’t at any point rely on metaphors or non-direct language to deliver the message.

Epic, important, iconic.

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