Connor Franta’s started a record label called Heard Well.

He of Instagram aesthetic perfection, water provision and the occasional piece of Digital Content, Connor Franta, has announced a venture into the music business with the “first music label powered by social tastemakers” – Heard Well – beginning operations.

It’s a joint effort between Con, his manager Andrew Graham from BigFrame (he’s also got Jack Baran and Jennxpenn) and a fellow named Jeremy Wineberg – and their first three signings of social tastemakers to curate compilation records are makeup vlogger Amanda Steele, former O2L compadre JC Caylen as well as The Connected Generation’s Britney Spears, Lohanthony. Together, the trio boast over six million subs on YouTube as well as devoted groups across other social networks.

“We’re looking at digital influencers as modern A&R execs,” said Andrew Graham, which is a very fucking important thing to say and something not enough people recognise.

Connor Franta is a genius and is the perfect person to begin this venture, and you’ll hear his new compilation Common Culture Vol. 3 next Friday.

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