Teen Sensation CODY JON Has Made It 3 Perfect Pop Songs In A Row With ‘All Thanks To You’

I’ve always wanted to say Teen Sensation in a headline!

We first stumbled across CODY JON, who I keep spelling CODY JOB, in the latter half of 2019 upon the release of a song called What’s Up – a fast-paced and personality-packed anthem about the importance of effective communication.

Cody had already released a debut single called Poison, which was copping all sorts of Ruel comparisons upon release. Basically, because they both have very good voices. Cody’s got a completely unique personality and feel to his music and his aesthetic. And a lot of humour.

Ruel has now heard Cody’s music, and thinks he’s amazing.

We have it on good authority that he has been the subject of what we will kindly refer to as a ‘squabble’ between all the record labels to secure his signature, and single number three proves exactly why that’s happening.

all thanks to you is a more tender moment from the 17-year-old, a positive and appreciative semi-ballad that gets really fun about a minute in, with a full dropout of instruments leading into a cowbell-driven bop with – as we’ve noticed across all the singles – so much personality.

There’s a lot of other things we’d like to say about this legend but we’ll leave you with the most important thing for now, the music.

Aaaaaaaaand if you’re now locked in and want the other songs…

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