Central Coast Popstar Eluera’s ‘Good Girl’ Is The Stuff Of An Absolute Stadium-Ready Hitmaker

I feel like I’ve listened to about fifty songs this week that are trying to be exactly what Central Coast superstar in the making Eluera has divinely crafted here.

Good Girl is, truly, a classically brilliant pop record. Her vocal starts out subdued and considered, before absolutely belting across the huge choruses.

The production is handled by Dylan Nash and the bridge, the FUCKING BRIDGE!!!! Is the best pop bridge out of this country for the year so far.

There’s a – and I cannot believe I’m saying this because I hate comparisons – TAYLOR SWIFT energy to this and I can see her on similar stadium stages, festivals and magazine covers in the years to come.

The video’s done by the multi-talented legend Jacob Thomas and if the song didn’t do the trick, will make you fall in love with her even more.

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