Bumper Crop: JXN, Billie, DVNA, Leland & This Week’s 15 Best New Bops

#15: Flume ft. Reo Cragun – Friends

We shit-canned his mixtape last week to be totally honest but his first proper single in a fkn while is relatively good, for the chorus alone.

#14: Doolie ft. Charlie Threads – 2:20

I thought this would go for 2 minutes and 20 seconds but it goes for 3 minutes 16 seconds instead. 2:20 is actually about the time of morning, and sounds like the kind of song you would listen to at that time whilst you are c*ming d*wn.

#13: Jesse Saint John – CRYING

This will be the first double-feature for an artist in the same Best New Bops but the double-release Jesse Saint John snuck online last week needs equal highlighting. The more subdued of the pair is CRYING, initially a sad jam that peeters off into whacked out production territory halfway through.

#12: Cult Shotta – MK Ultra

We’re all now across how phenomenal the hip-hop coming out of Western Sydney is, but one act that keeps flying under some radars is the duo Cult Shotta. Continually asking “what the fuck is culture” under a beat that wouldn’t have been amiss on some early Migos work, their new song is as hard as it is smooth. I don’t know if that even makes sense but listen to the song and you’ll be like “oh I see what you mean.”

#11: Fortunes. – Disc Read Error

The best song on the new Fortunes. EP Disc Read Error is the song Disc Read Error. That beat is an instant bop-along and their vocals are to die for.

#10: Oriental Cravings ft. Cyrus – Broken

Perth duo ‘OC’ are becoming fast known for their very large production abilities and this is the first song they’ve done that really evolved around a great melody from Cyrus, who everyone I’ve ever spoken to says is an extremely good person to write with. Basically Cyrus did the melody & OC did a full production around it. This sounds so right.

#9: Zara Larsson – Don’t Worry About Me

I never saw a day coming where I would put Zara at #__. But as Nathan explained the other day, this song is extremely good yet extremely safe. And that is not the Ain’t My Fault level Zara I need rn!

#8: Emotional Oranges – Built That Way

There’s a lot of songs that some would describe as “smooth RnB jams” in the Bops today. This is one.

#7: Gabriel Gassi – Face

My hands are tired there’s SO MANY BOPS. This one’s good, spoke about it here.

#6: Jesse Saint John ft. Ojivolta & Lil Aaron – WHAT DO U LIKE 2

One of last year’s best songs now has a remix with superstar human lil aaron and Pokemon-sounding producer duo Ojivolta. I want to sniff amyl to this.

#5: Leland – Another Lover

Leland’s first time in proper ballad territory has not even slightly disappointed. CLOCK THE KEY CHANGE AT THE END and the perfection of the melody the whole time. He’s just jumped off a rather large European tour with this song’s co-writer (along with Allie X) Troye, and holy shit we are fingers crossed for an Australian leg featuring his good self.

#4: Isaac Dunbar – pharmacy

Dude’s like 15 or something. This is song #4 in his existence and it is an expansive, warm, dark, stunning thing that I could listen to on repeat all night. He kinda sounds like one of this blog’s favourites, Tom Aspaul.

#3: DVNA – Looking Like A Snack

This is Want U Back by Cher Lloyd’s 10-years-later-RnB-tinged sister song. She may have one of the best voices we’ve popped on this site all year and this song is a bonafide anthem.

#2: Billie Eilish – bad guy

The best disco song of the decade, without even being a disco song.

#1: JXN ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Red Lights

The concept of ‘effortlessly cool’ is a fucking sham because everything that sounds cool has lots of effort put into it but this song sounds extremely effortlessly cool. In that way. Since the moment I put this in my ears for the first time it has not aged. It’s perfectly produced, it’s as lighters-out as it is hands-in-the-air and ABWDH is a very big get for an Australian artist on their second single. JXN is one of the most impressive early-days artists statistically with his streaming numbers, radio and all that gear – but the two songs he’s dropped so far are both absolute 10’s and that’s what really matters.

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