SODA’s Debut Single ‘On My Mind’ With Jesse Ravlen Is An Absolute Earworm

Today in People Who Went To My High School Which Wasn’t A Music Or Performing Arts High School By A Long Shot But Are Still Making Very Good Pop Music, I would like you to meet SODA.

He’s had a couple of mini-bops sitting there on Soundcloud over the last year or so and a bunch of covers he’s done with friends on Facebook, but alongside his mate Jesse Ravlen this is his first crack at an actual single – and it’s a really slick start.

It’s made the way some of the best songs are – in a zero sweat, first-time studio encounter. “On My Mind was actually made during me and Jesse’s first ever studio session together. We didn’t feel any pressure & we were just doing it for fun, so we ended up making it in one night.

That hook will be straight in your head for weeks & SODA’s verses are a total joy to get to know. Accessible, melodic pop done with no added bells and whistles (except that little drop on the ‘caller ID’ bit you’ll hear) but yes. Exceptional start.

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