Belle Lucia, Alex Lahey & This Week’s 7 Best New Bops

There’s not many songs this week that pass our standards but the ones that do, really fucking do.

#7: Jack Gray – Down Side Of Up

Jacky boy showing us a new Side of him, whilst keeping it extremely tight.

#6: Hermitude ft. Hoodlem – Every Day

An electric new song from Hermitude gets Hoodlem to provide a vocal that’s equally as saccharine as it is heartbreaking.

#5: NEIKED & Husky – Lifestyle

One of Sweden’s most underrated producers has a new song with a fellow Swede singing the hook. Nothing is yet to give NEIKED as big a hit as Sexual, but this certainly could pull him some new fans.

#4. Alice Ivy & Flint Eastwood – Close To You

Alice remixed Flint Eastwood’s best songs, Real Love, so the favour is being returned as Jax (Flint’s real name) provides vocals to one of the most anthemic Alice Ivy songs yet. This whole song feels like you’re two pingers deep and totally in love, to be fully honest with you. It’s beautiful.

#3: Hilltop Hoods ft. Illy & Ecca Vandal – Exit Sign

The Hilltop Hoods have been making music for A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. Yet this may be their biggest bop yet. A happy-piano-led bop from producer One Above and an unmistakable Sarah Aarons hook performed to a tee by Ecca Vandal sees the hip-hop stalwarts make one of their best pop plays since I Love It. For what it’s worth – the whole Hilltops record is worth a listen if you’re a pop fan.

#2. Alex Lahey – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

It’s been less than 18 months since Alex Lahey‘s perfect debut album I Love You Like A Brother, but she’s beginning round two (an album called The Best Of Luck Club which you’ll hear in May) with an anthem for giving yourself a fucking break when relentless work and exhaustion is making you lose your identity and sense of self.

#1: Belle Lucia – Call My Name

It’s very rare someone with 1.3 million Instagram followers bursts out of the musical gates with a perfect song, but Belle Lucia has made one of the year’s great pop debuts with Call My Name. It’s got everything. An absolutely toxic hook, well written lyrics, crowd chants, tribal production and a genuinely ideal vibe. This could be a global smash.

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