Bajillionaire’s given us his 5 best songs to break up to, if you need to ‘have the chat’

A chance encounter with a government broadcaster’s discovery website landed me onto Bajillionaire about half a year back, who I have gone on to be very sunglasses emoji level proud of since for his delivery of excellent bops with feelings in them.

He’s got a new one out that you can hear now called Empty featuring his mate AJ King. It’s about a weird pure despair that engulfs you at the end of a relationship, and he’s used that feeling to give us a series of songs that can soundtrack the breakup at its various stages. “Shout outs to all my exes for inspiring this playlist!,” Baj told us.

Do enjoy. The rest of this is written by him.

Verzache – No More

It just ended. You’re not okay. You need something as angsty and depressed as you are right now. All of Verzache’s songs tap into that pure frustration and anger that you feel when things fall apart, and I must admit I’ve listened to this song a few too many times on repeat.

Aminé – SHINE

It’s been a week, maybe two. Things still hurt. You’ve unfollowed them on Instagram and blocked their number. But maybe you’d be happier if you were with them again? This beautiful song off Aminé’s latest album perfectly describes the loneliness and self-doubt you feel around this time of a break up.


You’ve had a month to figure out how you feel. You feel good most of the time… until you stalk their Facebook for the first time in forever and see the photos they’re tagged in, and it’s back to square one. This is probably my favourite Brockhampton song – it taps into this raw emotional place you’re in when you’re feeling lonely, and really makes you reflect on your actions (not just in relationships, but in every facet of your life).

Bajillionaire – Empty feat. AJ King

You’ve had three months, and things are back to normal… or at least they feel like they are. You still feel a bit too lonely and a little bit empty (ha), but that’s okay. This song means a lot to AJ and I, because we both felt it conveyed the exact message we wanted it to: the pure, unadulterated feeling of despair you feel at end of a relationship.

E^ST – Life Goes On

It might be six months later. Or it could be 2 weeks. We all move at our own speed, but we are finally and truly okay. We’re in a good place, and this song reflects that perfectly. We have honestly come to peace with the fact that life really does go on. It’s okay to still think about them, but things are feeling good again, and you’re ready to write the best love song ever.

Check out Charlie’s full ultimate break-up playlist here, and make sure you listen to Empty a couple more times.

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