Bajillionaire Solidifies His Post As Australia’s Most Loveable New Goofy Popstar With ‘Canadia’

(Also, there’s a sax solo.)

After breaking the producer fourth wall late last year with I Feel So Alone In This Club RN, the Sydney pop artist Bajillionaire gleefully strides back into your heart today with Canadia, a ridiculously titled ode to a sorta-kinda-partly-true story about a love interest moving to the other side of the world before it got deep enough for anyone to meet her.

Bajillionaire then realised this story sounded like the one everyone seemed to tell at SOME point in Year 4 or 5. You know, whilst bringing Neopets plush toys in and sitting them on your desk every day. Just me? Fine.

Crystal clear pianos and bells surrounding a perfectly constructed pop song, with a modern hip-hop energy to his vocal flow, land the sound of this somewhere in between a Rex Orange County and Jon Bellion land, but deeply in one Bajillionaire’s exclusively able to own right now.

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