Asta’s ‘Shine’ EP is a pop moment only she could bring to life.

Glitter-soaked, femme-as-fuck, divatastic pop music – the stuff that soundtracked the late 70s and 80s – is something severely lacking in Australia right now.

It only exists in small, semi-ironic bursts, with labels and artists alike too afraid to make loud, pristine, expressionist pop – in fear of offending their safe, guitar-weilding besties.

But across our country is a generation of disco kids, who want to lose themselves, who want to love themselves, and who need an icon.

And thank FUCK they’ve got Asta.

Shine is a phenomenal amount of time in the making – a shift of labels after a major refused to see the value in her point of difference, loads, loads, loads of studio work and self-discovery – have lead to today’s release.

Five songs of glittery, emotive pop perfection for The Pop Kids.

None else than a left-of-centre chick from Tassie could have carried this.

Shine is a triumph.

Tour dates are here, and the photo at the top’s by Billy Zammit.

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