Asta’s ‘Want You To Know!’ Is A Disco Bop Primed To End Boring Music

She’s done it again.

Asta was already playing in her own lane mid-decade.

Whilst her Australian peers were leaning into moody, whispery, house-influenced pop music – Asta played the other way, releasing bombastic, loud disco music that completely went against the grain.

In the few years after popping out Dynamite with Allday, poptimism took over this country and made upbeat pop belters a more lauded thing. But she still sits in her own lane. Glistening, unabashed pop music is done in this country by few better than Asta, and it’s another reminder of just how good she is.

It was written with JANEVA and previous collaborator Yeo, with some additional glitter popped on by fellow today-releaser, Cosmos Midnight star Patrick Liney.

It’s essentially about a booty call who lived fkn ages away. Iconic.

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