ASHWARYA’s ‘Psycho Hole’ Is Definitely One Of The Most Exciting Songs Of The Year Isn’t It

I will begin introducing you to this song by embedding two tweets by people that talk about music more impressively than I.

Okay now hit play on the song please, then I’ll start banging on.

I want this song IV dripped into my veins. From the Bad Guy-esque first minute or so, with an instantly trademark icy delivery – attitude-packed whisper that still packs a punch – the minimal but perfect percussion and then when it warps you into a whole other world after the first minute-and-a-bit, CHRIST ON A BIKE.

The magic piano chords, that absolutely unstoppable osmosis of melody and rhythm, every word she says is instantly felt.

ASHWARYA is a 21-year-old Indian-born Melbourne native who’s spent her life absorbing music from her Indian heritage and the sounds around her now and melting them into the the kind of musical pedigree you can only pick up from life experience, not in any book.

This is fascinating, world-beating new pop music at its absolute best.

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