An Impossible Task: I Ranked All The Songs On Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’

Dua Lipa’s magnum opus Future Nostalgia feels like the culmination of everything a popstar works to achieve in their entire life.

As conceptual and cohesive as it is broad and surprising, Dua perfectly melts her love for disco and the 90s sounds that first lit a fire within her, with the modern sophistication of the career producers she’s continued to evolve with on this record.

We stan a challenge, so we’re going to rank every song on this all-killer-no-filler album from worst to first. Keeping in mind, of course, that worst is still Very Good when an album is this strong.

#11. Pretty Please

Whilst I’d give this song ten points for being a minimalist point of difference on Future Nostalgia, if Dua was going for a ten-tracker, this one probably doesn’t need to be on there. That said – it certainly builds to a cute little groove by the end of its three minutes and fourteen seconds – and there is a cowbell.

#10. Break My Heart

Such is the level of hit records on this album that the just-announced single, Break My Heart, is only my tenth favourite song on Future Nostalgia. The INXS sample, the huge build on the pre-chorus and a once-an-album Charlie Puth Attention style anti-drop, it’s still a very smart and fun pop moment.

#9. Cool

This feels like the most vulnerable moment on Future Nostalgia – Dua stays in the upper echelon of her register for the majority of the record which opens her up to sounding her most yearning and heartbroken.

#8. Future Nostalgia

The ultimate album opener. In two minutes you think you know exactly what you’re setting up for with this album via her confidently spoken lyrics. The biggest joy is discovering that this song only scratches the surface of what you’re going to experience.

#7. Good In Bed

I have no reason for this to be at #7 other than ‘I can’t help but think how good this would be if Lily Allen sang it’. It’s still fantastic with Dua, and possibly more explicit than Lily. A curveball. I thought Dua would never take her lyrics this far. But I am so, so here for it.

#6. Physical

A sharp and intuitive moment on an album full of energy, Physical is the gym dance classic of the decade already.

#5. Love Again

Putting her money (literally) where her mouth is (not literally, practice good hygiene) – Dua’s 90s inspiration gets a literal spin sampling the iconic strings of White Town‘s 97 hit Your Woman for an emotional disco hit.

#4. Don’t Start Now

The ultimate first single.

#3. Boys Will Be Boys

The meta-sarcasm of this line over tearful strings and piano will forever rest in my heart. And placement is key – closing the album with this statement is genius.

I’m sure if there’s something that I can’t find the words to say
I know that there will be a man around to save the day
And that was sarcasm, in case you needed it mansplained
I should’ve stuck to ballet

– Dua

#2. Hallucinate

Despite how disco we knew this album would be, it was hard to predict she’d push the dance edge of the envelope this hard. Hallucinate is fast and furious pop music that gives even more context to the inclusion of Stupid Love on radio. In a time when we’re legally not allowed to, we’re all going to the club baby.

#1. Levitating

This truly feels like the perfect song. A huge hook primed for Tiktok, the left-of-centre inclusion of ‘sugarboo’ in the pre, wonky synths, divine Talkbox moments, the middle-eight of the year, perfect ‘woo’s and absolute midnight magic surrounding it sonically. Levitating sums up everything great and celebratory about Future Nostalgia – get it in your ears right now.

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