Allday’s ‘down to collab’ with Cub Sport

The other day we got very excited when Tim Nelson, who sings for Cub Sport, put up this photo of him and his band pals with Fat Fuck Superstar Rapper Allday.

We squawked a bit considering we had no idea Cubbies even knew who Allday was, let alone were big enough fans to go out and see his show at The Bowler Bar in Brisbane. Of course Tim and the Cub Sport children are no strangers to Australian hip hop having collaborated with Chance Waters on a song about a cat for Chancey’s new album.

Anyway we decided we’d plonk the same photo on our Facebook page to express our excitement about this new friendship and we suggested the two parties should ‘join forces’ to create beautiful and youthful musical gems together, tagging both so they got the message.

Allday decided he’d leave a comment, saying “We totally should”.


We are awaiting Cub Sport’s response.

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