Allday and Cub Sport are going to do a song together

We did it.

Following yesterday’s important news story on the newfound friendship between Allday and Cub Sport and subsequent interest from Allday to do a song with them, we have received correspondence from ‘Cubbies’ in the form of a Tweet AND a Facebook comment.



We like to think we are 60% of the reason this is occurring. Now it’s time to come up with ideas for what the song sounds like and what the ‘lyrical content’ is themed around. I’d like to suggest the following.

  • The positives and negatives of still looking twelve years old
  • Something about a puppy, always works well
  • An RSVP date gone wrong
  • Project U
  • The internal turmoil one faces deciding whether to keep Vegemite in the fridge or cupboard (this one is a very good concept)

    We shall keep you posted on what they decide.

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