ALIUS & BOI’s ‘Houdini’ Is A Sharp Dance-Pop Moment Turning A Relationship Issue Into A Magic Trick

The very good producer ALIUS was explaining his committment troubles to the excellent Newy-via-Sydney songwriter BOI and the concept of disappearing when someone gave him too much in a relationship was kind of like a magic trick. Hence the Houdini thing, u kno.

BOI explains it much more eloquently: “Houdini was written about the illusions and allures of love, specifically about Seb’s experiences and disappearing in a puff of smoke when he got too close to love. Seb came to me with the beat and after sharing stories of his intimate relationships while on a trip to Sydney, we wrote Houdini’.”

The result is a very ideal dance-pop crossover, a non-annoying tropical sensibility to it and a fucking killer vocal performance from BOI, who is sounding as suitable on this as MØ did on Lean On. Good gear.

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