This Smooth & Summery NZ Pop Hit By Alae – ‘Summer Thing’ – Deserves To Cross The Ditch Too

It’s a deep dive I’ll never get around to, but I’d love to know why songs like this only ever seem to be made in New Zealand.

Is it the isolation from the rest of the world? Is it the cold? Is it something sheep-related?

These smooth, RnB-flavoured pop gems from acts we’ve adored on this blog like L.A. WomenBalu Brigada and even select songs from Thomston over the journey have all got a particular sparkle to them – and now they have a new competitor – the four-piece Alae who are making some solid in-roads on NZ radio.

Summer Thing is a truly joyous, calming antidote to these bizarre times we’re in right now. The video’s a dream too – perfectly choreographed goths dance on a beach in unison to get the fact across that this song is so glorious even goths will like it.

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