Agnes Manners Has Made One Of The Great Sway-Your-Arms Songs Of The Year And Yes There Is A Saxophone

(It’s a horn of some sort anyway.)

They’re calling this song “experimental punk” which I don’t want to put you off because you’re probably on this website because you like new pop music so hear me out ok. This has an absolutely impeccable melody to it, over a really really lovely beat, tear-jerking strings and a HORN! It’s beautiful.

Agnes Manners is the artist, the ‘brainchild’ of Matthew Gravolin, who used to be in the widely appreciated band Hellions. The punk kids do some of the best work in stinging people in the heart and it’s quite exciting to hear that emotion parlayed in a more ‘luscious’ manner, isn’t it.

The higher voice you hear at the end is Charlotte Gilpin who sounds fantastic and meets Matthew perfectly to bring it home. The project is designed to be one “that champions vulnerability and empathy in men both lyrically and sonically, and defies genre boundaries,” and those things definitely feel achieved in this.

One of the more objectively perfect songs of the year on this blog, one we’re proud to share.

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