The Adelaide Singer Stellie’s Given Us Her 5 Biggest Dreamy Pop Influences And They’re Very Good

The new single by the Adelaide singer Stellie is How Do We Look So Good, a slinky and dreamy semi-ballad it’s hard not to like. We were thinking. What does an artist who makes such dreamy wonderment listen to for inspiration? That’s not true, we just really liked the song and then got an email from a publicist asking if we’d like to run this article and we were thinking sure, that would be nice. She has chosen The Best Lorde Song, so an additional ten points there too.

Stellie’s 5 Dreamiest Pop Influences


Amy Winehouse will forever be one of my favourite artists. She was pretty much all I would listen to in high school. She has the perfect blend between old school jazz and upbeat pop – and to top it off, one of the most iconic voices of all time. I remember listening to an interview where she explained that whenever she was feeling sad, angry or upset – she would just write. Then those emotions would be easily expressed through her music in the most purest form. This is the kind of writing style I try and model off of – writing for a purpose and making it 100 percent genuine. Which is pretty much what any Amy Winehouse song emulates. 


Similar to Amy, Jorja has that same old school jazz style in her vocals, but is still able to keep her music sounding modern and relevant. I think I’ve listened to her debut album ‘Lost and Found’ at least 100 times. One of my all time favourites from that album is ‘Don’t Watch Me Cry’. Perfectly displayed through that track is her ability to tell stories through her music, and her lyrics in general just cannot be faulted. 


I was introduced to Maggie Rogers pretty late in the game – but i’m so glad I found her music! It’s so sentimental, uplifting and just very easy to listen to. I think she is the perfect example of today’s modern pop – but somehow she is still able to include her folk influences within her sound, which I really admire. Her track ‘Say It’ really resonated with me – and still does now. When I first listened I was hooked. The soundscape is so simple but it is such a massive song. She also experiments with a lot of electronic/synthy sounds – but also keeps an element of ‘live’ instrumentation to her music too, which I think is super important. 


Lana is the ultimate queen of mixing all things old and new. I think what I love most about her is the fact that she has created a whole ‘universe’ around her music. Her visuals perfectly tie in with everything she does and when you listen to her music, it feels like you have been temporarily invited into her World. Although her songs are about different ‘stories’, somehow they all manage to explore the same themes of all things romance, glamour and heartbreak – something I admire very much. 


Lorde was pretty much the O.G for me. Ever since Royals – I have been hooked. She just keeps people on edge and isn’t afraid to experiment with her sounds. Like pretty much all the other artists I’ve listed, Lorde sings about really personal tales that can relate to the masses. Another thing that I love about her is the way her music evolved and grew as she did. She wasn’t afraid to explore different avenues with her music as she got older – but still managed to cling onto that classic ‘Lorde’ sound that everyone adores. Some of her tracks are also super simple production wise which just shows how strong her lyrics and melodies are. One of my all time favourite Lorde tracks – that I very vividly remember listening to on the bus ride home from school was ‘The Love Club’ from her very first EP. It is one of the most simplistic tracks she has – but somehow it still made a such a big impact on me. 

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