About Us

Pop music & zero bullshit since 2012.

We post pop songs, conversations with people that make them, and make a podcast once a week. That’s about it.

If you want to contact us you can do that.

If you are a music making person, publicist etc that wants us to have a listen to your stuff and potentially put it on the website: email Nic Kelly – nic@projectu.tv.

PLEASE LOOK AT THE MUSIC WE POST BEFORE YOU SEND IT. KNOW WHAT THIS SITE POSTS ABOUT. NOTHING SHIT. We will mark you as Spam if you send music that’s not the right genre for the blog.

If you are a person who likes writing about music and you think you’d like to say words on this website about songs, or interview the people that make them, email three facts about yourself and a sample piece to Nic Kelly – nic@projectu.tv.

If you are a person in Australia that likes to take photos at music concerts and festivals or make videos with people and would like to do that for Project U, email a link to some of your photos and three facts about yourself to Nic Kelly – nic@projectu.tv.

If you want to advertise on our website or in our videos or audio content products, talk about native content (we do that quite well) or discuss anything else on the bizzzzzzzz side of things: email Nic Kelly for a Rate Card or a bespoke prop – nic@projectu.tv.


  • ALL photo galleries on the site are owned by Project U Media Australia and the respective photographers who are listed beside each gallery.
  • Crowd/audience photos can be used on your socials without credit, although one would be nice.
  • Artists may use photos we take of them on social, with credit for the site and social tags included. We are @ProjectUDotTV on Facebook and Twitter, and @projectu on Instagram.
  • Artists can’t take the photos and use them for promo or anything without express permission from Project U Media Australia and the photographer.
  • Other publications, applications and anyone outside Project U and artists can not use our photos.
  • If we’ve used your photograph to accompany an article of some sort and not credited you, email nic@projectu.tv and we can sort that. We stand for crediting for all creatives.
  • Any questions? Email nic@projectu.tv.