A review of Peking Duk, inspired by Clive Palmer’s poetry

“My lips are licking for a nice Peking Duk, but it’s a different sort of Peking Duk”

Clive Palmer, Australian National Living Treasure


National Treasure and up-and-coming Australian Poet Clive Palmer recently came out as a Peking Duk fan, and honestly who could blame him. Clive has recently come under the public eye for failing to remember a cool $15 million payment from his company to his personal bank account (ha ha yeah same) his amazing poetry, and this fame caught the eye of legends Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles, who were quite excited to see him at their Sydney show.


Clive was right to look forward to the show, because it was incredible. I do not know if he made it, but I did not have the pleasure of seeing him there. I have not yet read any poetry from Clive regarding the performance, and this upsets me greatly. So greatly, in fact, that I decided to write this review in the style of Clive Palmer. You’re welcome I guess.


Peking Duk did not suck
Were in luck, were good
Very sweaty
Lots of confetti

Special guests
Did their best
Safia went East
Jess Kent went West
Lots of Stranger
But little danger
Except from bad dancers

The quacks
Have a knack
For eating snacks
And making good dance tunes
Purple moon
No time for buffoons
Or baboons
Only ducks

Watermelon sauces
Musical bosses
No dog on grog
Just duck on grog
Tim Tams
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