Meet the guy who pretended to be 360 on radio: a rapper named BK Ultra

I’m a battle rapper, troll and general degenerate.”

That’s how BK Ultra, the Melbourne rapper who yesterday impersonated 360 on Melbourne radio station 3AW, introduces himself to me. He’s actually not though. His idea to expertly out Tom Elliot as a poorly researched excuse for a journalist comes from his own background in the field.

“I had heard that 360 had been approached last week about going on the 3AW program but obviously wasn’t interested as they would try and stitch him up. After reading Tom Elliot’s article about 360 and hearing that the same ‘journalist’ interviewed someone who he claimed was an ISIS fighter without doing sufficient research, I felt I should volunteer as tribute and make an example of him. I actually majored in journalism at Monash University but didn’t pursue it as a career because of sensationalist nonsense like these so-called ‘reporters’ are responsible for.”

And how does someone who’s smart enough to do journalism at Monash fare as a battle rapper?

Pretty well actually, haha, I think my writing background definitely helps,” he reckons. “I made an average mixtape when I was first starting a couple years ago but lately I’ve been focusing on battles. I’m at a stage now where I’m well established in the battle scene and I’m looking to have higher profile battles less frequently so I can work on some new music too. I have a couple songs in the works at the moment.

Keep an eye out for him on his Facebook page and watch the glorious moment again below.

Post by 360.

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