17 great pop songs from June you may have missed

Daya – Left Me Yet

Daya continues to deliver tracks that deserve to be smashes. Like the lead single Insomnia, the new track Left Me Yet gives me major Kylie Fever-meets-2019 vibes, which is exactly what I will always want.

jens – Lottery

Norway’s charming jens is back with another bop. It’s a wonderful pop song with a strong 80s vibe to the production that reminds me of Betty Who.

Virginia To Vegas – Losing Touch

Canada’s always great Virgina To Vegas put out a great EP this month. The standouts are Internet and Losing Touch. The latter has a spectacular chorus.

Thomston – Lightweight

New Zealand’s Thomston has delivered yet another little pop masterpiece with Lightweight.

Glowie – I’m Good

Iceland’s Glowie blessed us with an EP this month and I’m Good is a highlight. She really is one of the most exciting upcoming pop stars.

Jacob Whitesides – Whole

Jacob Whitesides has returned with his poppiest and coolest song yet. Whole allows in some big production elements that we haven’t heard in his music before. It’s an exciting time to be a Jacob Whitesides fan.

Alec Benjamin – Must Have Been The Wind

Alec Benjamin’s beautiful brand of musical storytelling is on full display on the lovely Must Have Been The Wind.

Sabrina Carpenter – In My Bed

Sabrina Carpenter delivered another good little pop song with In My Bed. We stan consistency.

Stanaj – Love Me

Stanaj is back on track with the great new power ballad Love Me. This feels like it could easily be a hit in Australia should it find its way into a TV promo for some drama.

SVEA – Love Me Now

Sweden’s SVEA popped out this little bop which has a credit on it from Hampus Lindvall, one of my fave pop-makers at the moment.

Aidan Alexander – Guts

The chorus doesn’t quite work for me on the new track from Aidan Alexander but the rest is so good, I get past it and still love it.

Lontalius – Make My Dreams Come True

New Zealand’s Lontalius has returned with Make My Dreams Come True. It retains his relaxed and calming vibe but adds some louder pop elements with more production than I’m used to hearing from him – it’s lovely.

Peg Parnevik – 27 Sorries

Swedish star Peg Parnevik has delivered a really great chorus on this new breakup anthem.

Felix Vespestad – Older Now

ieuan’s Norwegian side-project has so far provided two great little songs that are among his best work. Lilikoi and Older Now are really good and track previews on ieuan’s twitter tell me his upcoming CHILDSTAR EP will be his best release so far.

KOII – Alien

This track is a strange-but-cool little collaboration between Germany’s KOII and Sweden’s ORKID.

Val Flynn – Lover

Brisbane’s Val Flynn dropped a single called Lover – a cute little queer bop with a bubbly beat.

YUNGBLUD – Parents

I am bending my own rules to include this Yungblud single. He just keeps getting better and better.

Parents feels like a big progression and it’s wonderful.

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