17 bops you may have missed in March

MARINA – Orange Trees

After her rejection of modern pop production on Froot, it’s so refreshing to hear MARINA in this new light. Teaming up with Erik Hassle, Jakob Jerlström and my current fave Oscar Gorres (i’m so tired, My My My!, Plum), Orange Trees is my favourite thing she’s done since How To Be A Heartbreaker. It’s so fresh and light.

Greyson Chance – yours & black on black

Greyson Chance’s album portraits is easily my favourite of the year so far and I expect it to stay that way.

If you’ve not been keeping up with the modern Greyson Chance, it’s time to start. yours is Greyson by way of LANY and black on black is one of my favourite pop songs of the year so far.

Daya – Insomnia

We’ve been stanning Daya since day one and it’s really time for everyone else to get on board.

Insomnia is her new single, it comes with Oscar Gorres production and a chorus that reminds me of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. It’s a perfect pop song.

Alex Aiono – Her

Alex Aiono has consistently been putting out excellent pop songs and Her is yet another. Jorgen Odegard’s production on this is the standout.

Pia Mia – Bitter Love

Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about Pia Mia since 2016 but this song is a fantastic reminder. The chorus is excellent and it’s a side of her I haven’t heard before.

Joel Adams – A Big World

It’s nice to have Joel Adams releasing music with consistency and A Big World is a big reason why. It’s lovely, it’s emotional and it’s fantastically produced to give it a real sense of size and scale.

Ben Platt – Temporary Love

Ben Platt. I have seen three of the movies he’s allegedly been in and I do not recall a single frame. Beyond that, I’m aware of his starring role in Dear Evan Hansen, which I understand is a musical with a lot of crying in it. With that minimal information, I pressed play on the musical offerings of Ben Platt.

The album he’s put out is a masterclass in oversinging that even Jessie J would find Too Much, but Temporary Love is a standout. While Sam Smith is running around dancing with strangers, Ben Platt should make for an apt replacement for those who enjoy some occasional gay balladeering.

Nathan Smart – Future

Melbourne’s Nathan Smart has dropped his latest single, Future. The chorus on this thing is HUGE and the production is killer.

Sigrid – Never Mine

Sigrid’s album came out to minimal fanfare, but there were a couple of tracks worth hearing on it (that we hadn’t already). One of those is Never Mine.

Alexander Stewart – Backwards

Canadian YouTube cover guy Alexander Stewart has been venturing out into oringinal music and Backwards is an extremely good sign of things to come. It’s big, the prodction is everything it needs to be and vocally, he reminds me a lot of Shawn Mendes on parts of this.

Glowie – Cruel

Iceland’s Glowie is extremely exciting. This track and video is so good. She is a popstar to watch.

DAVID44 – I feel better on my own

Staying in Iceland, DAVID44 put his album out this month. One of the standouts is I feel better on my own. It’s got clean production, his great vocal and a good video.

Spencer Sutherland – Freaking Out

American singer Spencer Sutherland has been putting out promising bops for a couple of years but on Freaking Out, I think he really hits his stride.

froy – Fix Me

Actor and artist Froy Gutierrez has put out Fix Me. It’s a song about mental health I think will connect with a lot of people.

Jared Gelman – Return to Sender

Jared Gelman is a back with a new bop, Return to Sender. The vocal production on this is really cool, and the song is my favourite of Jared’s so far.

Kevin McHale – Help Me Now

Kevin McHale, who you should remember as Artie from Glee, has finally joined the rest of the former cast in releasing original music.

It’s a fun song about insecurity and despite its cheap snare, it slaps.

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