14 great pop songs from July you may have missed

Alec Benjamin – Jesus in LA

Alec Benjamin has continued his streak of wonderful songs with his latest, Jesus In LA.

Jesus In LA” is about moving to California and leaving my friends and family behind to pursue my dream. When I first got to LA I thought that I was going to finally find the happiness that I had always been looking for. Not long after I arrived, I signed my first record deal. Got dropped. Lost friends. Spent all my money… and had to move back in with my parents. It was then that I realized the thing that I was looking for most was in front of me the whole time. My true friends and family. Even at my lowest point, being back home with my family is what made me truly happy. The song isn’t a literal take on religion or about Jesus at all. It’s about searching for hope and happiness and realizing those things aren’t always where you think you’ll find them.

That’s what the song is about, according to Alec, who I trust on the subject.

Sabrina Carpenter – I’m Fakin

Sabrina Carpenter dropped Singular Act II this month. One of the several bops from it is I’m Fakin.

Sam Bluer – Naughty

Melbourne’s Sam Bluer has delivered a sleek and cool slapper in Naughty.

Benjamin Ingrosso – Costa Rica

Sweden’s prince of pop Benjamin Ingrosso gave us another bop in Costa Rica this month. It’s sweet and summery on the surface, but lyrically, Benjamin’s mad! I love it!

Icona Pop – Next Mistake

This is the best thing Icona Pop have done since they crashed that car into a bridge. It’s a huge dance smash like we haven’t had in a while.


Sweden’s Felix Sandman gave us Middle Of Nowhere this month. It was produced by Hampus Lindvall, so of course, I love it.

Chloe Tang – Take Care

Emerging U.S. artist Chloe Tang has dropped Take Care. The production on this is immaculate. I’m excited to hear more from her.

Peter Thomas – TV With the Sound Off

Peter Thomas, the producer of Betty Who’s classics, has debuted his solo project with Watching TV With The Sound Off.

Jessica Jade – One Time

Sydney’s Jessica Jade is one to keep a close eye(/ear) on. Her new track One Time is one of the most promising Aussie pop things I’ve heard in a while.

Jacob Whitesides – Special

Extremely Beautiful Man, Jacob Whitesides, has dropped Special. It’s probably his biggest chorus so far.

Drew – Perfect Disaster

Drew is Danish and this song is good.

Thomston – Deal

Thomston and his beautiful hair gifted us Deal last month. It’s very good, as he always is.

Eliott – Find A Way

Find A Way is probably the most lovely and soothing listen of the month.

Taylor Henderson – Moving On

Taylor Henderson is back and he’s putting on a bit of a country accent now. Why? Who knows! But the song’s still nice.

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