14 bops you may have missed in April


Phases is PRETTYMUCH’s shining boyband moment. On this track, it feels like they’ve found their sound and it works.

This one wins chorus of the month.

Carlie Hanson – Back In My Arms

Back In My Arms is Carlie Hanson’s best track since the explosive Us.

This track feels like the perfect sonic direction for Carlie whose sound got a bit muddled last year with a couple of single releases that had little in common.

Back In My Arms shows us the Carlie Hanson we’ve been excited about since the beginning.

Miss Benny – Every Boy

Miss Benny has delivered his best single yet with Every Boy. It’s a sugary slow-burn that’s extremely fun and satisfying.

Felix Sandman – Something Right

Felix Sandman, the Swedish pop star and star of Netflix’s Quicksand, popped a new single online called Something Right. It was written by Erik Hassle, Madison Love & Gladius James, and it slaps!


Marina’s LOVE + FEAR is one the best pieces of pop put out so far this year. The LOVE side of the ‘double album’ is much more successful, imo and True is one the highlights. It’s another perfect production from my fave, Oscar Gorres, and the “ah” bit is one of those pop touches I LOVE.

This one wins bridge of the month.

Sandro Cavazza – Enemy

Sweden’s Sandro Cavazza, whose had hits with Avicii and Kygo + last year’s excellent High With Somebody, is back with Enemy.

It sounds like a Swedish Eurovision entry so obviously I’m obsessed with it.

Jessica Mauboy – Sunday

Jessica Mauboy and the team behind Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry and Sabrina Carpenter’s Sue Me is a wonderful match.

push baby – mama’s house

Rixton have rebranded and returned with mama’s house. It’s wild, but I like them and I’m glad they’re back.

Corey Harper – Don’t Hate Me

Corey Harper has been putting out lovely folky stuff for the past couple of years but with Don’t Hate Me he’s moved into a much more pop direction. It’s very good.

Aura Dione – Shania Twain

Aura Dione has apparently been a successful Danish pop star but this new single called Shania Twain is the first I’ve heard of her. It’s really great.

Jens – Before You Let Me Down

Norway’s jens is back with another lovely little bop. He’s like Alec Benjamin if he were Norwegian.

Xavier Dunn – You Lately

Sydney’s Xavier Dunn has put out You Lately. It’s really cool. I think fans of Wrabel will be into this one.

FLETCHER – If You’re Gonna Lie

Undrunk was great but with If You’re Gonna Lie, FLETCHER has proved her place in pop. This song really shines with its weird Malay (Frank Ocean, Lorde) production and FLETCHER’s vocal is a standout.

MAX – Love Me Less ft Quinn XCII

MAX has popped back up with Love Me Less. It’s a fun little bop with a fun video.

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