10 pop-related last minute Halloween costume ideas

1) A Perfect Illusion

This can be whatever the fuck you want it to be.

2) Pants The Raccoon

Dress up as the raccoon Hilary Duff met!

3) The artwork of PON CHO’s Frozen

Just get a blue sock and pink sock and pull ’em high.

4) Troye Sivan

Just find some clothes that are about two sizes too big and you’re done!

5) A Baker

Dress up as a baker as an homage to Katy Perry’s Rise.

6) Little Mix

You don’t need a costume, you just have to tell everyone over and over that you’re over your ex until you believe it!

7) Flume

Just stand near neon lights and think about how much you love beats.

8) Zara Larsson’s album

No work needed for this one. Just don’t turn up.

9) Justin Bieber

If anyone dare’s speak to you or tries to say something nice to you, just get mad and walk out.

10) A member of Fifth Harmony

Just stand a bit too far away from your friends, pull faces at them and look miserable.

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