Eminem will headline Rapture Festival and we've got the 'leaked' poster to confirm it

Okay, so Rapture Festival is a thing.

Last month ferret enthusiast AJ Maddah tweeted that he had 'transpired' to put on a festival with Eminem which consequently fell through. This seemed a positive thing at the time, what with Australia's astounding track record for hip hop festivals.


A 'reliable but anonymous' source has fanged us this photo of a poster that was thrown up in Brisbane last night. It features a lineup including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and 360, with a late February date for the Brisbane show. Question is, will we see dates in the other major metropolitan areas i.e. Dungog?

The leak has been met with rapturous applause by the Australian hip hop community, with this tweet from Jackie Onassis showing just how pumped we should get by this: